Review: Com__et

Do you know what Compulsory Heterosexuality is? This game delves this concept as a theme!

New COLOPL Report Unveils MAGES. has 5 Games in Production

As per COLOPL's Q4 financial report, MAGES. has 5 games in production and various projects planned for Steins;Gate's 15th anniversary.

Piracy survey from BL Games World

BL (Boys Love) Visual Novel website and Twitter page BL Games World has published a survey about VN piracy directed towards all kinds of readers and genres, not just that…

VN Let’s Player Bosskwar’s channel taken down for a third time due to copyright claims

Yesterday, on December 17, the visual novel YouTuber Bosskwar’s channel was taken down for a third time. Previously, his channel was removed for copyright claims concerning his video series on…

Gaming YouTuber BijuuMike has created a channel for visual novel content

While browsing YouTube and Twitter, we found that the popular gaming YouTuber BijuuMike (3.47 million subscribers) has created a channel dedicated to all kinds of Japanese-style games, including visual novels.…

SuperAnge created a list of forty Visual Novel Content Creators and we added 15 more

Every day, there are more than 300,000 videos uploaded to YouTube. This creates such manifold content that there are communities for every topic imaginable. Of course, there are also communities…

Thank you all for coming along for this ride! (Indefinite Hiatus)

Hey there all!   I will start with saying  that I really treasure my time spent writing this blog and interacting with various people involved in the EVN community. You…

Visual Novels Coming in 2016
A Look at the Biggest Visual Novels of 2016

We look ahead through 2016 and share with you what we think the biggest visual novel releases of the year will be. Everything from moege to nukige!

Shiny Days Troubleshooting Guide

After being available for several days, we have discovered a series of crashes and other issues within Shiny Days. Find out how to fix them here.

Fan Translation Recruitment Bulletin (6/12/2014)

Aah, fan translation teams. Groups change, members fade in and out, recruitment can be spotty - and that's where these posts come in. This is a list of some of…