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Sono Hana – A Kiss for the Petals


Release Date:
Sep 22, 2006

Age Rating:

Comedy, Drama, Romance


Game Summary: The first installment of the Sonohana series, this particular game follows Oda Nanami who is a new freshman in high school. However on the first day, she ends up in an accident in which a senior student from the school comes to her rescue. Ever since that meeting with Matsubara Yuna, Nanami just cannot get her mind off of her and later decides to join the student council. But one day…Nanami catches Yuna doing something very strange, while also calling out Nanami’s name.

Note 1: This is a nukige 「抜きゲー」, it has a higher sexual content to story ratio. Fuwanovel does not usually include nukige games on the site, but this series was granted an exception early on for reasons long-lost to history. (“I’d take it off, but I think Zaka would kill me.” – Tay)

Note 2: The entire SonoHana series, for reviews aggregation purposes, is lumped together into a single category. Thus the review section you see below will include reviews from all entries in the series.

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