Chaos;Head NoAH – A play on perception!

A deep dive by Rulu into Chaos;Head NoAH's themes of "reality" and "perception", beware spoilers for the title!

Steins;Gate 15th Anniversary Double Pack Announced

On April 11th, 2024, MAGES. will be releasing the Steins;Gate Elite + Divergencies Assort Double Pack. They will also re-release Steins;Gate Elite at a lower price.

Robotics;Notes Manga Volume 2 Review Thumbnail
Manga Review — Robotics;Notes Vol. 2

Volume 2 of the Robotics;Notes manga is just as superb as the first. It's truly a solid adaptation all around and an excellent way for existing fans to re-experience phases…

New Steins; Title Teased for 2024 Release in Interview with Famitsu

For Steins;Gate's 15th anniversary, MAGES. is planning on releasing a new Steins;Gate-related game and "a highly anticipated sequel" in 2024.

COZ Releases Anonymous;Code Improvement Fan Patch!

The Committee of Zero has released an improvement patch for Anonymous;Code's Steam port! This release has both a full and partial patch option, with the latter designed for English dub players…

New COLOPL Report Unveils MAGES. has 5 Games in Production

As per COLOPL's Q4 financial report, MAGES. has 5 games in production and various projects planned for Steins;Gate's 15th anniversary.

Manga Review — Robotics;Notes Vol. 1

How does the manga compare to the source material? Let's find out!

SciADV Fan Group NS2C Translates CHAOS;CHILD: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs

The Wrong-Sider Memoirs is one of CHAOS;CHILD's two important side material light novels and originally released on December 10th 2015—just a year after the original game.

Robotics;Notes Manga Volume One Released Today

After being released in Japan quite some time ago, the Robotics;Notes manga is finally being localized in English by Udon Entertainment.

Steins;Gate OST on Vinyl Now Up For Pre-Order

Change your future with these Vinyls!