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Rewrite port to PSP and PS Vita {Flying Get!}

Rewrite.full.1207317 Rewrite port to PSP and PS Vita by Prototype (release date undecided) [source] thx @willofsilver. Now who wants to bet with me. Will it now go PS3->iOS->Android->PS4->PS2->PSOne->Xbone->Linux, or some other arrangement of that?

Also check out Kotarou in the above pic and then compare with Kotarou in the bottom pic…Rewrite.full.1207301なんと!


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10 years ago

well, another CG in harvest festa! also has a bit different art than the art in Rewrite game

VN bro
10 years ago

The last pic is from the PSP verison. And there is no such CG in the VN version on pc. I have all the cg’s and that pic is not in there.

Also on the last pic he looks like a wussbag. -_-

10 years ago

i think they might be from the fandisc

10 years ago

Well, there is certainly no Kagari route in the main scenario. I haven’t readplay HF yet, so I dunno if it’s a new CG.

10 years ago

nanto! that made me chuckle

i’m surprised they didn’t wait for an anime to market the game some more. oh well, i’m glad it’s finally coming to the Vita at least

side note: isn’t Kotarou older in the Akane/Lucia routes?

10 years ago

enlight me on this,is it normal in japan to buy every version of a game that comes out? and does all versions have diffrences?

10 years ago

[…] were told last year that Key would be porting Rewrite to the PSP and PS Vita. It took them a while but we finally have some new information regarding the PSP release of the VN. […]