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d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future- released by MangaGamer

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Moderate spoiler warning for one DEARDROPS ending.

On 26 September, MangaGamer released the Kira☆Kira + Deardrops crossover visual novel d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-. It was originally released 2011 in celebration of creator OVERDRIVE’s fifth anniversary. This is an all-ages VN, and there is no Japanese version with erotic content. Both members of the crossover are VNs with a strong musical theme, where the main characters form a band and rock out in your general direction.

There are already some points of contact with the story of Kira☆Kira in DEARDROPS, where you actually meet the now-successful singer Kirari, the “main girl” from the previous VN. It only makes sense to make a delicious crossover, does it not? For the Kira☆Kira part, the fandisc seems follow the usual combined-routes-no-girl-picked. The ending picked for DEARDROPS seems close to Riho’s ending.

The plot is basically this: Shoichi has been away from DEARDROPS for three years playing the violin in Germany. Called the “violin prince” prior to getting kicked out of his orchestra at the start of DEARDROPS, he’s now an even better violinist. Riho randomly sees him and Kirari performing together abroad on TV, and when she sees how much Shoichi is enjoying it, she feels this urge… and wonders if she could do better than Kirari. Due to plot, she actually gets the opportunity to face her – but who will win?

Well presumably none of them, this kind of story doesn’t usually work out that way.

Besides d2b vs DEARDROPS, you can also buy Kira☆Kira and DEARDROPS at MangaGamer (NSFW). Be aware that though this VN has no erotic content, both its predecessors do; of the two, only Kira☆Kira has an all-ages version. MG has also translated the FD to Kira☆Kira, Kira☆Kira Curtain Call, which you can buy bundled with the main VN for a decent discount. I personally did this after originally pirating Kira☆Kira, but I never got around to reading the FD – bluh, one day…


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9 years ago

Now wait i thought d2b vs Deardrops followed Kirari as the True route of KiraKira and Riho as the True Route of Deardrops.

Reply to  Tadieal
9 years ago

It certainly resembles Kirari true the most, but would Kirari really go touring like that without regard (well, kinda…) to Shikanosuke? Idk, it’s possible I just missed some stuff and you’re right.

Reply to  Tadieal
9 years ago

I cant retort to that without giving away a huge thing in D2b vs Deardrops. But from what i gathered it is a jealousy thing for Riho. We will see.

9 years ago

This is definitely more intended as an ending to Deardrops’, and specifically the Riho route, which was considered the main path. A lot of ppl don’t like Riho so be warned, if you’re in that camp… she isn’t any better on the tsun scale in this game… in fact she’s even more bitchy so if your tolerance is low… well, grit your teeth if all you want is an ending.

The order I played the games in is:

KiraKira -> KK Curtain Call -> Deardrops -> d2b vs Deardrops.

Progression wise it seems to make the most sense in what point in time things are to be looked at. When Deardrops’ was just being formed, the d2b band’s story was long long over, with Kirari being the only remaining successful member continuing in music.

This is a straight, linear one-way ticket ride that is intended as a proper and full ending to Deardrops and basically the entire story. From here, go nuts with all the fanfiction you want if you want a continuation because there are absolutely no loose ends left. Everything is beautifully closed off in a way that makes you smile and sigh that a story of two different casts spanning 4 VN’s has finally actually ENDED. A must read if you enjoyed Deardrops at all.

No ero content, you already got to the girls in their respective games right? 😛