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Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari is out now on Steam

PROTOTYPE has released an English localization of Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains (originally titled Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari). It’s a darker, more adult otome visual novel (R17) by Aromarie. This release is newly available on Steam at a discount of 15% ($38.24) until June 20th.

Here’s the synopsis:

Tokyo, 1918. World War I is coming to an end.
Yuriko Nomiya, aristocratic by birth, is suddenly struck by a series of misfortunes.
Is this fate brought about by the changing times, or is someone plotting against her?
The dark, bittersweet tale of Yuriko and five young men is about to unfold…

The developers have included the following content warnings on the game’s Steam page:

This game includes content such as sexual themes, partial nudity, strong language, descriptions of bleeding, violence, drinking, mentions of drugs, and horror.

You can find more details about Butterfly’s Poison on its Steam page. The game is also available for Switch for the full price of $44.99 — you can read more about it on its official Switch page and its store page.


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