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English Fan Patch for Portable Version of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Released

Earlier this month, on the 4th of June 2023, an English fan patch for Shinseiki Evangelion – Koutetsu no Girlfriend -Portable- has been released. The person responsible for the patch, tehmugi, has posted a github repository where you can download the patch together with some instructions how to get the game to run on acquired PSP copies. The v1.00 patch features a full English translation with all known bugs have been fixed and redone graphics.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel was initially released in Japan for PC on the 11th of July 1997. It was developed by Gainax. Later, it was further released for Apple computers, SEGA Saturn and PS1. In 2006, an enhanced version including new scenes was released in the form of Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend – Special Edition for PS2 and Windows computers. In April 2009, the PSP version of the special edition followed, which this patch is designed for.

There is also a sequel called Shinseiki Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd which has already been fan translated in 2016 by BLACKlabel Translations, archive available here.


A shy female character, Mana Kirishima, starts at Shinji Ikari’s school and immediately admits to finding him cute. Gradually, a relationship unfolds and they end up going on a date. It turns out, however, that she is one of three test pilots for the TRIDENT units, a new competitor to the Evangelions, similar to Jet Alone; thus the name Girlfriend of Steel.

Shinseiki Evangelion -Koutetsu no Girlfriend- was one of the many untranslated Evangelion side materials which explore the universe of the popular GAINAX series further. For an overview of all the titles and their connections to the story, check out this video by Crunchyroll.


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