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The Trans Representation Jam is here!

The Trans Representation Jam 2023 has started this June 23rd and is inviting any developer who is willing to join. This is a two month-long event that ends on August 26th. You can join the Discord server for this jam here!

This is a non ranked Jam without any pressure; just have fun making a cool game! The purpose of this jam is to create more games that have trans representation in them in a chill environment.
There are a few rules, so make sure you read through them on the official page.

The theme is all about trans representation! That means at least one major character in your game has to be transgender or a major part of the story has to be about the trans experience. There are no further themes that you have to incorporate; just let your imagination run wild!

Feel free to @TransRepJam and use the #transrepjam when posting about your games and work in progresses if you use Twitter!

You can check the games for last year’s edition here!


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