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Tsukihime Remake Fan Translation Released

Tsukihime is the now notable VN developer TYPE-MOON’s first project. Released in 2000 in Japanese for PC, the VN would later get an English patch in 2006. While the VN was criticized for its art and non ADV style format, it’s a recognized and notable game of the genre. It even spawned the now famous ‘Neko arc’ meme.

In 2021, Tsukihime would get a Japanese remake for the Switch and PS4 that would update the art and presentation for modern audiences, and allow them to read it on contemporary platforms. Since the remake was Japanese only, and with no official English translation in sight, the translation group Tsukihimates got to work on its translation. This wouldn’t be as straightforward as other fan translations, considering the remake never got an official PC port.

On June 17th, 2023, the Tsukihime remake translation was finished to completion

Edit: The newest version can be found here,

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The translation was specifically made for the Nintendo Switch version. The team’s official website will guide you on how to install it.

Here’s to hoping the remake will get a PC port and more VN readers experience this classic in English.


Fan of Visual Novels and Japanese culture, currently majoring in Japanese. Has worked on VN projects as a writer and director.

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