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Gamuzumi’s Lucy got Problems now Available for Nintendo Switch

On July 20th, the Spanish video game publisher Gamuzumi, which specializes in ecchi/erotic media on console, announced its newest game release for Nintendo Switch: Lucy got Problems. This game was created by NupuNekoDev (formerly FlatchestDev) and was first released in 2018 for PC, Linux, and Mac. The game supports eight languages, with Japanese added for the Switch version. It’s available for purchase for $7.99.

For the PC version, there is an 18+ patch, but the Nintendo Switch version will very likely not contain explicit scenes.


Explore a mysterious forest full of fantasy, danger and beauty

Lucy, a greenhorn succubus spy, arrives in the elven forest totally unsure of her mission.

The only thing that’s clear is that Priestess Tiamat will be really mad if Lucy returns back empty-handed. Lucy has to figure something out quickly, or she’ll never make mistresses proud! And she’ll probably be fed to the sinister astral squids.

It’s time for Lucy to do the impossible, have fun, and save the day!

Nintendo eShop


* Cute and funny visual novel
* Timed choices and mini game elements
* A clumsy Succubus
* Sprite and background animations
* 2 secret characters to discover


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