The Fuwanovel EVN List: May 2024 Releases

The Fuwanovel EVN List for May 2024 is here! What titles from this month's batch caught your interest?

Seven Days, now on Nintendo Switch!

The ghost mystery VN Seven Days is now available on the Switch—this time published by PROTOTYPE.

Mediterranea Inferno now with Console Releases!

Mediterranea Inferno is a treacherous visual novel about friendship, desire, and grief.

Would you like to run an idol café? 3 now on Consoles

Idols, idols... and now even more idols!

Gamuzumi’s Lucy got Problems now Available for Nintendo Switch

On July 20th, the Spanish video game publisher Gamuzumi, which specializes in ecchi/erotic media on console, announced its newest game release for Nintendo Switch: Lucy got Problems. This game was…

Gamuzumi Releases Nintendo Switch Port of Volleyball Heaven by Winter Wolves

On June 29, 2023, visual novel console port specialist Gamuzumi released the Nintendo Switch port of the title Volleyball Heaven. by The game is available in the Nintendo eShop for…