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Would you like to run an idol café? 3 now on Consoles

On August 3rd 2023, the publisher Gamuzumi released the third part of Winged Cloud‘s & StarlightTree‘s Would you like to run an idol café? series for Nintendo Switch (EU/US) and PlayStation 4/5 (EU/US/JP). It supports English, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish as well as Japanese. Prices for different systems and regions can be found here.

Originally released in May 2022 for PC and Linux, with a separate 18+ patch being available, the console versions be using the All-Ages content.

Earlier titles by Gamuzumi:

Would you like to run an idol café?
Would you like to run an idol café? 2

When Yokoyama Naoya learns that his beloved Seaside Cafe is struggling on the brink of closure, he helps his cute friends Ichigo, Mayuki and Kuu form an idol group to help promote the cafe.

Their idol group is called Sweet Shoreline and their first music video is a massive viral success. Due to their newfound popularity, the group is invited to an idol competition in Tokyo. Will the girls be victorious, or will their rivals, Honey Devil, take them down?

The fate of Sweet Shoreline, and of The Seaside Café, rests, once again, upon Naoya's shoulders.

–Original Website

Enoshima Rina is an elegant, demure young lady who works as a waitress at Café Pleiades. She forms one half of the popular idol unit Honey Devil, alongside her friend Hasaki.

Rina’s mannerisms are unfailingly polite, yet behind her demure smile there lurks something unsettlingly sadistic. She seems to have taken quite a liking to Naoya, and keeps trying to pursue him, much to Naoya’s unease.

Shinonome Mayuki is a waitress who works at Miss Miyamori’s beachside café. Stern and haughty, she demands nothing but perfection from others. She scolds Naoya for his each and every mishap during his first week on the job, and seems constantly in a bad mood.

Mayuki has a soft side, though, and is easily flustered when complimented. She is not immune to making mistakes herself, and drops things when she gets embarrassed, to her chagrin.

Mayuki is particularly fond of cats, which she seems to hold in higher esteem than she does other people.

Ebihara Hasaki is a gothic girl who fancies herself as ‘the dark one’, and a servant of ‘The Dark Lord’. Like Rina, she works as a waitress at Café Pleiades, and makes up the second member of the idol duo Honey Devil.

Hasaki is an attractive girl, as far as appearances go, but her personality leaves much to be desired. She talks like she inhabits a different reality to everybody else, and perhaps she does. Trying to understand her ramblings is a hassle liable to induce headaches, and the best way to deal with her would be to ignore her.

Hoshizora Shiori is Japan’s top idol, and has been for several years. Mature for an idol, yet effortlessly classy and sophisticated, Shiori has amassed a truly massive following.

Shiori herself might be a superstar, but little is known about her personal life. She’s a private woman, who largely keeps to herself – though this might change once she takes an interest in Naoya.

Suzuki Ichigo is Naoya’s childhood friend. Their families are close friends, and the pair have known one another since they were little kids. They were once so close, Naoya’s mother often joked about them getting married.

Naoya and Ichigo were briefly estranged during high school, during Naoya’s rebellious phase, but now they are just as close as they ever were.

Ichigo is boisterous and energetic, but she’s very good at cooking. Other domestic chores, however, are outside her scope, and her scatterbrained nature leads her to misplacing things on a constant basis.

She’s a huge fan of idols, and her bedroom is full of idol-related paraphernalia.

Yamashiro Kuina, known to her friends as Kuu, works with Mayuki at Miss Miyamori’s beachside café. She is an enigmatic girl of few words, who is rarely seen without her favorite pack of tarot cards.

Kuu is an ardent believer in the spirit world, and when she does speak, she often talks about ghosts and ghouls. She claims that she can see into the future, but her predictions are always on the dour side.

Kuu’s face is often expressionless, her voice monotonous, which makes her incredibly hard to read. What, exactly, lies behind her impenetrable exterior?

* Visual novel about a maid cafe with cute idols
* Beautiful anime girls
* Your choices as a manager will affect if the group succeeds
* Third game in the series

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