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Join These Fu(n)tanari Beauties!—The Witch Knight Anna Released on Steam

200% Futanari!

On August 4th 2023, Japanese company Circle Sigma released their doujin futanari-centered nukige The Witch Knight Anna -The Black Serpent and the Golden Wind- on Steam. Initially receiving a demo a week prior, it costs $6.99. Prices vary regionally.

This game was first released in Japan in April 2019 as two parts on DLSite: Majo Kishi Anna ~Kuro no Joou to Sousei no Kishi~[Dai 1-shou, Dai-2-shou]. A third part followed in August 2021 as [Dai 3-shou].

A thousand years ago wicked Genies appeared.
Humans offered their souls to the Genies to have their wishes granted.
Humans that did this are called [Succubi].
Wicked thoughts, words, and deeds are the Three Great Evils.
However, since ancient time there are those who fight the Genies.

They are known as the [Good Witches].
They use Holy Spirit and gallantly fight.
People commonly call these maidens the [Witch Knights].
They fight against the Destiny of Despair


The heroine of this work, she is a good Witch that hunts down and defeats Genies. She is one of those that are commonly called a “Witch Knight”. She is captured and taken inside the Genie Mansion. There she is given a cursed magical item that makes her grow a penis and forced to commit lewd acts in order to escape the Mansion.

Feared by her enemies as the strongest Witch, Rain is Anna’s mentor and master. On her way to the Genie Mansion with Anna, she suddenly attacks Anna and steals her virginity. What are her true intentions?

One of the Witch Knights, she has served Rain as her right hand man for many years. Once Anna is within the Genie Mansion, she appears before her. She then performs many debauched and lewd acts. Her body is said to be controlled by a Genie… but is that really the truth…

A mysterious girl who was saved by Anna while being pursued by several Genies. Once Anna is captured and placed in the Genie Mansion, they once again meet. At this time, she tells Anna that she will serve her and take care of her sexual and personal needs. What is her true aim and identity?

  • 11 Erotic Scenes
  • 22 Basic Erotic CGs
  • A total of 362 Erotic CGs including all the variances!
  • 200% Futanari!

The trailer is NSFW, so you can watch it on Steam instead.

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If you are a futanari enjoyer, you can play this on Steam now!

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