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Uso Kara Hajimaru released on Steam and Switch

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On September 6th, Mamekujira released Uso Kara Hajimaru for Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game released in both Japanese and English (under the name “Lies as a Starting Point“). It was originally funded on the Japanese Kickstarter equivalent Campfire. 50 people backed the project raising ¥169,500 out of a budgeted ¥500,000. As Fuwanovel reported on, the game experienced some development issues with higher development costs than Mamekujira expected. As such there were some cuts to the games’ content. However, due to the “all-in” backing method, even without fully funding the project Mamekujira committed to delivering the game.

By delving into the main heroine Nozomi’s past, Uso Kara Hajimaru offers three different routes (junior high, high school, and university) where the heroines and protagonists differ. This interesting take on a visual novel’s story entices the reader to experience all branching paths.


Kanata takes the same train at the same time again today to see a friend.
Her name is Nozomi, and they became good friends. She would talk about stories of three pairs of men and women and their "lies".
As Kanata hears Nozomi's voice, he begins to question and dive into these "big lies".

Developed with the winner of the "Secondary Grand Prix"and "Mystery/Mystery Solving Division Excellence Award" Nike. His works include "Nice to meet you, my girlfriend", "I want to give you my heart", "I fall in love with your fake", "Test return", "Only I know", "If I could become an invisible man", and "World series."
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Innogrey fan here, besides horror and yuri be my passion. Oh also mechs, they are pretty cool. Guess I tend to stick with those things, but that does not mean I'm closing any door to whatever sparks my interest. If it shows impressive writing, I'm all for it.

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