Qualia ~The Path of Promise~ now on the Switch

An android heroine and the genius hermit. This is a story of pure love where the two learn to grow together, overcome fate and find happiness.

lunaria 6
LUNARiA by Visual Arts: Official English Release out now!

Key's LUNARiA - Virtualized Moonchild, a kinetic novel previously released in 2021, has an English version now available on Switch!

Succubus Sessions banner
Lovey-Dovey with a shy Succubus! Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell by Shiravune now on Steam!

Lovey Dovey time with a shy Succubus begins now! Succubus Sessions releases on Steam and Johren today, December 1st 2023!

Shinzou Translations brings The Saddest Smile in the World to English!

On September 16th 2023, Spanish-led translation group Shinzou Translations released their latest project, Sekai de Ichiban Kanashii Egao (The Saddest Smile in the World.) This visual novel is →Quantize_‘s debut…

Review: The Invisible Star — A Map of the Stars

The search for a special star...

New Fan Translation for planetarian ~Snow Globe~

The fan translation group Snowy Ryujin TL has released their English patch for Key‘s planetarian ~Snow Globe~, almost a year after the project’s initial reveal. Originally released in Japan in…

Epic Eagle Team Releases Fan Translation of Key’s Stella of the End

On July 10th, 2023, during a very dry week, the fan translation group SnowyRujinTL posted an update to Twitter about its progress on Planetarian -Snow Globe-. But within the same…

With Eyes of Ice Released on June 23rd

This is a dramatic kinetic "otome-esque" VN set in Iceland, in the 1800s.

Frontwing International Announces Fandisc for Azarashi Soft’s Aikagi: Aikagi ~After Days~

On the 16th of June, the English public account of Japanese publisher Frontwing announced that they’re planning to release the fandisc for their previously released Azarashi Soft romance title, Aikagi.…

Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire-Breathing Brat! – Review

Outis Media is an English-speaking media brand devoted to producing lewd monster girl content, including short visual novel titles. The brand has released several mini-nukige in recent days, including Dark…