Robotics;Notes Manga Volume One Released Today

After being released in Japan quite some time ago, the Robotics;Notes manga is finally being localized in English by Udon Entertainment.

Archetype Arcadia out NOW!

This is a dark sci-fi game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Will you get lost in it?

Muv-Luv Switch Ports & Teito Moyu Steam Release Announced

As was announced via aNCHOR’s October 21st web livestream event, both Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative will receive Nintendo Switch ports releasing in Spring 2024. They will run on the AGES…

From RWBY to Space – J.P.D.E Studios releases Pilot Episode of GalaxiA

Welcome aboard the FSS Helen Thari. The crew members come from all walks of life and corners of known space. What kind of bonds will be born?

When AI Assistants go Rogue – Lamprey, by Cross Couloir!

On September 17th, the Canadian indie solo developer Cross Couloir released their second title Lamprey. It’s a short indie visual novel with a charming pixel-artstyle made with Aseprity and programmed…

A Robot on a Post Apocalyptic Earth — Key’s Stella of The End releases next week!

"Even if humanity dies, the machines we have created will inherit our love and create the future."

Sci-Fi Adventures in the Making—Interview With Spire Games

Let's interview Spire Games, the team behind Synesthesia!

Review: Synesthesia—A Thrilling Adventure and an Endless Tragedy

A mix of gameplay and mystery, in equilibrium.

Synesthesia — Release Announcement

Spire Games has announced the release of SYNESTHESIA to be on June 20th. It’s a 15~20h character-driven sci-fi mystery story set in the future. It also features interactive elements such…