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Could you Take it?—Shiravune Announces KuroInu 2 Redux for Steam and Johren

On August 16th, 2023, Tokyo-based visual novel publisher Shiravune announced that Kuroinu 2 Redux, the direct sequel to its recently released Liquid eroge Kuroinu Redux, will release during 2023. Shiravune will release a censored version for Steam as well as an uncensored version on Johren. While the specific date is currently unknown, Kuroinu 2 Redux‘s Steam page hints that it will release during Q4 of this year. The hardcore eroge will be available with English and Simplified/Traditional Chinese translations of the text. The voices are in Japanese only.

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Kuroinu 2 ~In’yoku ni Somaru Haitoku no Miyako, Futatabi~ was first released in Japan on December 21st, 2018. In September 2021, another version of the game, Kuroinu 2 Kai ~In’yoku ni Somaru Haitoku no Miyako, Futatabi~, was released. At the end of 2022, Liquid supplied the fans with a Kuroinu ~Premium Complete Box~ that contained both Kuroinu titles in their base forms as well as two Gaiden games (1|2).

Now, after the successful release of Kuroinu Redux earlier this year, Shiravune’s localizing the sequel game.

Kuroinu 2 won the Golden 2018 Moege Award in the category Black Ero.


To the west of the continent of Serenus lies the land known only as the Nation.

Founded over a hundred years ago, this country represents the apex of both corruption and prosperity. Its decadent empress Ladomira turns her nation’s vices—as well as her own otherworldly charm—to her advantage to maintain her power as her armies pillage and plunder in the neighboring nations, leaving the seeds of tragedy everywhere in their wake.

In the face of this peril the neighboring states, having finally united in a Holy Alliance against their oppressors, launch an all-out assault that quickly threatens to overpower the Nation, surrounding its strongholds from all sides.

But before peace and justice can be returned to the land, a single man stands in their way. Derek Rondo, commander of the Nation’s army and hailed as be the second coming of its founder Mercenary King Vult, successfully repels the allied armies under the orders of Empress Ladomira. However, he holds another desire in his heart… the desire to usurp the throne.

Derek burns with ambition to take down not only the invading knights but Ladomira herself, and claim everything for his own!

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Most of these descriptions are shortened, check the Steam page for full descriptions

Princess General of the Holy Kingdom of Aurelia. Whether it’s leading her army or wielding a sword herself, she is respected as a champion without equal.

The ancient high elf that slumbers in the palace of the Holy Kingdom.
She is the reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia worshiped by the people of Eos. Legend has it that when the world is in danger of being destroyed, she will awaken to save the people.

One of the soldiers under Derek’s command, half human and half dark elf. Indebted to the master who gave her her freedom, she will take on any dirty job Derek requires of her.

A pure-blooded dark elf, seldom seen in human lands.
On top of her rare beauty, she is also gifted with wisdom and grace.
However, she is also cursed.

She is the leader of the foxfolk who came from the distant east and built a nearby nation. She also leads the group of special spies known as ninjas. But in truth, she is a devoted individual who won’t hesitate to sacrifice anything for those she loves.
She has a younger brother called Meno, but he has been taken captive by the Nation.

The next Grandmaster of her hometown Kimia, a nation solely populated by magicians. She can summon golems and is skilled in the ways of alchemy. Not only is she devoted to her own research, but she is passionate about training her pupils, and currently has three energetic girls under her wing.

A halfling who serves as representative of the United Mercantile States of Tull.
Although she is skilled as a merchant, she’s anything but calm and collected, and makes her emotions and preferences extremely clear.

A female bishop of the church situated in the Nation. Disheartened by the depravity and corruption around her, she seeks to restore virtue to the church. She rose to her rank through honest and sincere work, and is devoted to saving the elderly, women, and children who are oppressed in the Nation’s society.

A formerly ordinary woman who used her beauty to become the emperor’s concubine and eventually claim the throne.
In truth, she is a tiefling, a member of a clan of demons that use their powers to control those around them. She’s arrogant, selfish, and will often go back and forth on her orders based purely on a whim.

He is the leader of the 6th Kingsguard of the Service State, known as the “Black Dog Knights”. Formerly a mercenary, he has recently risen to prominence in the military service of the nation. Because of his ability and career, he is called the second coming of the mercenary king Volt.

A wolfman warrior under Derek’s command. The oldest member of his order, this wolfman uses his distinctly powerful body to lay waste to the battlefield. Believing that might is right, he has no pity for the weak or the defeated. His kind have a long-running conflict with the foxfolk species led by Kohaku.

Member of the Black Dog Knights.
He was formerly a magician from Kimia, but his research into the forbidden arts led him to being exiled by Astrid.

A merchant that primarily operates in the United Mercantile States of Tull. Tempted by profits, he dealt in forbidden commodities, which brought him under harsh condemnation from Mel Mel, who believes in honest trading, and was expelled from the merchant guild.

Formerly a devout priest of the Holy Kingdom, he heard the voice of god and was awakened to his teachings.
Doing what the voice told him, he sought Seraphina, but the church branded him as a heretic and banished him from the Holy Kingdom. Yet Raymond still follows his divine inspiration and continues his search.

The younger brother of the foxfolk leader Kohaku. Despite his time in the Nation, his kind and peaceful heart has not been tarnished.

Ruler of the vast desert kingdom of Eldonia. A greedy, arrogant king whose haughtiness cannot be broken by anybody. But recently, he confines himself within his palace and shows not even the slightest interest in politics or world affairs.


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