An Umineko… Play?! — Stage of the Golden Witch, now in English!

Welcome one and all, to the delectable news that I can bring to any English-speaking 07th Expansion fan. The live-action Umineko: Stage of the golden witch, has been fantranslated! I’d…

A VN Dev Collective! — Project Yominokuni now under Weltschmerz:Collective

A new collective for VN dev is here! What will this bring?

A New Chance for Nukitashi Fans? De-Localization Patch Released By Fans

“Oh, those damn localizers!” is probably at least a partial sentiment of those who had taken offense due to the state of the released text in the official translation of…

Visual Novel Researcher From Leipzig University Publishes Thesis on Character Intimacy in Games

Academic research on visual novels? It could be more common than you'd think.

O2A2VN Jam has Come to an End!

One more Game Jam came to an end... but is it really the end?

De-Mosaic Patch for Kara no Shoujo HD Remaster, The Shell Part I: Inferno now Available!

Today, August 10, 2023, redditor /u/wildpomme posted a thread on the r/visualnovels and r/vns subreddits where they announced their de-censor/de-mosaic patch for The Shell Part I: Inferno.

Visual Novel Steam Fest Starts on August 7th!

(Official event banner via Steamworks) Steam Visual Novel Fest celebrates the spirit of telling a story through art and interactive fiction with discounts and demos on current and upcoming visual…

Event Coverage: CosDay²

Starting out as informal meetup in June 2004 where anime fans decided to collectively explore Frankfurt am Main and some of its more interesting locations clad in cosplay, CosDay² became…

The Spooktober Visual Novel Jam 2023 Competition is coming!

This week, DevTalk announced the beginning date for this year's Spooktober Visual Novel Jam!

We Tested the new Eroge Music Quiz Prototype for you

On the 13th of July, the Visual Novel Database user Mert posted in the discussion forums announcing that they created an “AMQ-like quiz game for visual novel songs using VNDB…